The eternity of maternity…

The genial archivists over at Vintage Scans posted a 1955 advertising image from Esquire magazine that is sexier than fifty Sports Illustrated swimwear issues…I must borrow it and rhapsodize about it here…

And they say the 1950s were "repressed"...

And they say the 1950s were "repressed"..

I’m trying to imagine the meeting of the presumably British advertising men who came up with this one. “Let’s give her Betty Grable’s legs, seamed stockings, a see-through skirt, and the handsomest bobby in town to see her across the street.” But what is also striking to me is how nice this gorgeous woman looks, like the essence of Audrey Hepburn.

The cynic in me feels that a severe Oedipus complex would seem a foregone conclusion if you were raised by a mother like this…but my inner optimist can also imagine a charmed life in the golden glow of a dazzling maternal aura never diminished in its lingering warmth, providing sustenance long into the future.

A kind mother is a gift divine.

The exquisite Sistine Madonna, by Raphael.


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