1964: Girls in girdles and tight-fitting bras!

I’ve been a freelance writer for 35 years—geez, I can’t believe I just typed that number—but no matter how long I do it, I always get a thrill seeing my newest work in print, whether it’s a piece of erotic fiction, a book review, naughty copy for nude pictures, or one of my favorite assignments, The Horny Time Traveler column for GALLERY magazine…

The new issue is about to hit the stands, and if you’re over 18 and enjoy explicit photos of enthusiastic exhibitionistic girls, you definitely want to check it out!

Does anybody remember when girls named "Nelly" were supposed to wear gingham dresses and milk cows?

Now, my personal fascination for retro babes is just about endless, whether they be the snake-wielding hotties of ancient Crete, the clever adultresses of medieval Europe, the crossdressing female mercenaries of the Renaissance, or the silky-stockinged flappers of the Roaring 20s—just a few of the curvy characters I’ve written about on this blog. But even a diehard mental adventurer in the 4th dimension likes to take a break now and then, and when I do, GALLERY keeps me up-to-date on some of the loveliest women of contemporary times, whether she is the winner of May 2009’s Girl Next Door Contest, the sultry brunette Elkie from Brockton, Massachusetts, or the spectacularly blonde and b-b-busty Jami, who takes on a lucky stiff named Totti in a pictorial that’s guaranteed to make anyone’s gonads stand up and shout (so to speak)…yes, I’m still recovering from a hot shot on p. 139 where she takes Totti in hand, and looks right into the camera as her lovely and l-l-large breasts hang down…

But while I still have some brain cells left, let’s get back to my column! This month, I take you on a journey to 1964…twelve months that witnessed events as momentous as the passage of President Johnson’s Civil Rights Act, to the fun-filled New York World’s Fair, to my own humble bar mitzvah, and to the publication of brassiere ads like this one…

These were the kinds of adolescent-altering ads you saw in magazines and newspapers in 1964.

These were the kinds of psyche-altering ads you saw in magazines and newspapers in 1964. Well done, you Mad Men!

We visit 1964 through the pages of two girlie magazines of that year, TAB and VUE, in which we meet alluring actresses of the time like Shirley Anne Field…

Shirley is also on DVD in 1963's Kings of the Sun, a lusty melodrama of the ancient Aztecs with Yul Brynner.

…and read about everybody and everything from Frank Sinatra to top-heavy British pinup June Wilkinson; from how Tokyo striptease shows were being influenced by Western culture, to how celebrities like Anthony Quinn were boldly fathering children outside of marriage and shocking the hell out of folks; plus, there’s a great selection of cool ads for 1964 stuff like elevator shoes, 8mm burlesque movies, and a book entitled “How to Wow a Woman.”

Yes, after you’ve read about 1964 through my column, you might suddenly have a craving for a woman who dresses (or rather, undresses) like this:

The word "gay" certainly meant something different to most folks in '64!

The word "gay" certainly meant something different to most folks in '64!

…or maybe like this!

A "cougar" before the term was invented!

A "cougar" before the term was invented!

The May 2009 issue of GALLERY also has an interesting profile of actress Carla “Watchmen” Gugino, whose career as a performer is analyzed through fascinating details of her unusual childhood experiences; a roundtable discussion with NBA superstar broadcasters like Chris Webber, Ahmad Rashad, and Marv Albert, that takes you insightfully into the day-to-day workings and challenges of the job; and, last but never least, there are lots more nekidd girls!

Editor David J. Evans has done another bang-up job with this issue, so look for your copy on the stands. It’ll be wrapped in plastic not only because it’s XXX-hot, but it’s got a DVD included too.

Meanwhile, I’m climbing back into my girlie-mag time machine for another journey into the past!


If you want to learn more about my magazine column, and how it intersects with this blog, check out the “Who I Am” page.

The illustrations you see here in this entry are not the illustrations in the GALLERY article, but specially chosen for this post. I found the Montgomery Ward catalog cover here; the Shirley Anne Field portrait here; the Maidenform bra ad here; and that amazing girdle ad here!


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  1. 1964!!! — the exalted year I graduated from hochschule, the year I journeyed to Heidelberg to enter University!!! Ach, Herr Traveler, I cannot decide whether to indulge my swollen phallus with my palsied hand… or my engorged tear ducts with my handkerchief, replete with the monogram of our beloved emperor, Franz Josef, and weep! What a dilemma! Your essay brought back so many, many personal, emotional, and erotic memories. And the lingerie photos, ach, mein Gott! Truly, youth is wasted on the callow young. You are to be commended for a sincere, and deeply-felt verbal and pictorial, erotic journey back to the past.

    Yours, forever…

    Count von Pauli

  2. Glad I could stir up the pulsating pot of happy recollections, my dear Count!

  3. I need me a Chansonette bra with circular-spoke stitching! But although I am fond of vintage dresses and other clothing, I don’t think I could bear to put on a used vintage brassiere. Maybe Victoria’s Secret will see this post and put the Chansonette into production.

  4. Yeah, Miriam, and they should have a whole retro section in their stores, that would be cool. You’d go through a special airlock door, almost into another dimension…and the salesladies would all be wearing vintage clothing too, and they’d have Patti Page and Rosemary Clooney and Dean Martin hits piped in…

  5. Nah, HTT, the actual fitting room would still be playing Justin Timberlake and Britney. But the very special antechamber with one-way mirrors, from which Horny Time Travelers such as yourself, could, for a small fee, watch today’s nubile twentysomethings try on the full-coverage, bullet-breasted bras of yesteryear, well, that’s where the Louis Prima and Dean Martin would be playing….

  6. I disagree on the Justin and Britney, Miriam; I don’t think the girls will be in the right frame of mind unless they too can experience the musical environment appropriate to their retro bras…under Dino’s soothing voice, for example, their movements will have the proper languor as they slip into the straps…music and mood will merge as they move their mammaries into safe havens!

  7. Basically the womens libbers were an ugly set , women journalists like Nell McCafferty on the Irish Timeswho were mad jealous of stylish feminine women. Most were Marxists too – when did you last see a good looking Marxist, man or woman ? Thus they set out to destroy all fashion and style and to level every woman down to their level. A bra is a pretty thing on a woman, so is a girdle, thus they had to be destroyed above all…

    and women fell for it because of what they read in the papers and mags and these Libbers were either journalists themselves, like McCafferty and Mary Kenny, or had much more access to the media than the average person in the street.

    Maybe the time has arrived for to challenge these Libber Uglies, for women to proudly wear their girdles again.

  8. Women are always classy wearing the proper girdle!

  9. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in junior high and high school most of the girls wore a girdle and/or garter belt. I was always impressed by that. Nylons always made a young (and older) woman’s legs very attractive and more feminine. I have a sister close to my age and know it took some time dressing then. She used to say that she felt so much better fully dressed.

  10. Woman and girls who took a lot of self pride in their daily appearance wore girdles, nylons, and garter belts.It was a kind of becoming an adult for many ladies. Men are attracted by nylons and girdles. Just watch them look when a lady walks by wearing one. They also have a sex appeal that cannot be described properly.

  11. Pantyhose pretty well killed the girdle wearing lady. I wish the pantyhose was never invented. I remember the pretty seams business women wore and the pencil skirts of the 50’s and 60’s.

  12. I agree, Anonymous. It was a special era with a unique, classy, subtle eroticism of women’s dress. I miss it too. Thanks for leaving your comments!

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