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I call myself The Horny Time Traveler, because I’ve always loved imagining what it would be like to meet women, in all their fascinating variety, from different periods of history. As a kid, one of my favorite movies was 1960’s The Time Machine, that classic journey into the future with stalwart Rod Taylor and sylph-like Yvette Mimieux.

There's no telling how this famous 1960 sci-fi movie warped me...

There's no telling how this famous 1960 sci-fi movie warped me...

Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of transporting myself from one era to another. When I hit adolescence in 1964 and discovered Playboy, my interests in girls and history merged. When I grew up, I became a writer of erotic fiction for adult magazines, and was able to “travel” in my mind to places like Victorian London or the far future for my playful narrative daydreams. By watching old sword-and-sandal movies like Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Son of Samson, or The Vikings, I was also able to vicariously imagine dalliances with the dames of distant days…from empresses to courtesans, from slavegirls to Amazons. In this blog, simply for the pure pleasure of it, I’m going to informally share with you the nuances of femininity I observe in my book and Web browsings through the lives of ladies of long ago…and not so long ago.

I also have a regular column in the adults-only publication Gallery Magazine called “The Horny Time Traveler” wherein I examine the images of women, and society in general, through the perspective of the vintage men’s magazines that I’ve collected over the years. It’s designed to be sexy, thought-provoking, and fun, and will cover different territory than this blog. Look for it at your local newsstand or online. I get a big kick out of the column–and I hope you will, too.

My first "Horny Time Traveler" column, whisking us back to 1957, appears in the February 2009 issue. For adults 18 and over only!

My first "Horny Time Traveler" column, whisking us back to 1957, appears in the February 2009 issue. For adults 18 and over only, please!

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  1. The HTT is instantly, my favorite blog, a daily must. A walk down memory lane guaranteed to illuminate and stimulate.

    Those shots of Stella were stunning. I’m with Bobby Darin on this one.

    Keep the good work up, I mean, keep up the good work.

  2. With Stella Stevens in mind, the operative word is always up! Thanks for the compliments, Mr. Farquad.

  3. You could also call yourself the Horny Historian – as they said in the 20’s – “You know your onions!” I’ve always liked Frances Drake, too – she was also in Les Miserables (1935) and If I Were King (1938).
    When are you going to tackle the Amazons (great name for a WNBA team) of Greek myth?

  4. Thanks, Phil. I’ll have to look for Frances in Les Miserables, haven’t seen it since childhood. And still have to catch up with If I Were King. What a honey she was…and yep, I do want to tackle the Amazons. Just found a cool medieval painting of them which will come in handy when the time is right.

  5. Didn’t see a button to email you and my old computer died taking all email addresses with it, but here’s your next blog post topic:


  6. Wow, Miriam, that’s wild. I knew Shuster had done drawings like that because I saw Craig Yoe’s previous book of “dirty drawings by clean cartoonists,” but a whole book now! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It merits further analysis…

  7. You have been immensely imaginative and creative since 7th grade. Truth, however, has become even more outlandish than fiction.

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    Who I am… | The Horny Time Traveler

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